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Reverse Mortage, It’s all we do!

A reverse mortgage is for many the solution to financial worries.  Enjoy the freedom you deserve with no monthly mortgage payments.  Most people qualify even if you’ve had late payments or are in foreclosure.  Our reverse mortgage program avoids the pitfalls of the past and guides you to a bright future.  Call us today to learn more. LISTEN -We will sit down with you and your family to discuss what your retirement and ideas for an easier life are. We understand a loan program is only good if it meets the goals of the client. We make sure not only will this loan fit your lifestyle now but well into your retirement years. A reverse mortgage is a flexible loan program and we are the experts at tailoring the loan for your needs. Knowing the ins and outs of reverse mortgage options is all we do. EDUCATE – With your future goals in mind, we create a loan program that meets all aspects of what you want for a happy retirement. We then make sure you understand every aspect of the loan. A HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) or Reverse Mortgage is different than a traditional “forward” mortgage. It is important you understand the product that has the power to set your goals and freedom in motion. PREPARE – Once you are educated on the HECM loan product we begin gathering the information needed to submit and complete your new loan. These items are simple and easy. Again, this is not a traditional forward mortgage so the items needed are much less than a regular loan. For instance, two major hurdles to a standard 30 year loan are income and credit. Both of those do not matter in a reverse mortgage. Once the items are gathered, FHA and want you to have additional education on the product from an independent party. You will receive a counseling session from a certified and approved HUD (Housing and Urban Development) counselor. The counselor is there to make sure the education steps has done were understood and the counselor is also there to answer any additional questions you may have about the program. DELIVER – In as little as 3 weeks, completes your new loan and we have you on the path to financial freedom. This is another example of the streamline and efficient process that has been exclusively developed at There are no long waits or questions if the loan will close. Our experience and dedication to you the client and the loan process create a smooth and easy close.