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Easy62 in Sacramento, California

Easy62 is a group of experienced reverse mortgage professionals working to assist senior citizens in eliminating their monthly mortgage payment without any negative impact to their most important asset, your home. Our team has over 40 years of collective experience, resulting in safe and reliable services. These often include credit lines or cash at closing for our seniors.  Easy62 is based in Sacramento, California, However we are not limited to just Sacramento, we are able to serve the entire state. We have three generations of real estate and lending experience in providing solutions that work for any homeowner over the age of 62. Our team is happy to make house visits locally or Los Angeles, The greater Bay Area, San Diego and others. In 2017 we saved our client over $1,000,000.00 in monthly payments paid. saw a need to focus solely on our growing senior population with the understanding and application of a widely misunderstood product known as a reverse mortgage. Our parents and grandparents were struggling under the weight of traditional and risky loan products taken on during the great recession that began in 2007. With this need in mind, we fix all types of FHA, Equity Lines and adjustable mortgage situations. We offer an exclusive range of products to help on time or even pre-foreclosure senior citizen clients. Our advice and our knowledge are free. If you can be helped by a reverse mortgage, will do it. Your credit rating or income is not our concern. Only the ability to help our clients and their families understand and achieve the goal of financial independence from monthly mortgage debt. Let our family of local, California based consultants help you get out from under monthly mortgage debt today. Reverse mortgage loans are our passion, focus and expertise at We live here, work here, raise our families and share in the lifestyle and amenities California brings. Our most important goal is to give the citizens of California the ability to live and enjoy the years of retirement they so deserve. If you are 62 years or older and own a home, contact us today and we will tell you your options. Let our family of reverse mortgage professionals help your family, call the Easy62 team today!